SFAA 2012 Yosemite OBJECT LIST

Latitude:         37 deg  43.5 min
Longitude:  119  deg  34.6 min

Elevation:        7215 feet or 2199 m at Glacier Point

Heavens Above satellite predictions

Featured below are objects to observe and present to the public on Friday, July 20, 2012 purely as examples. *Our Star Party is starts one day after the New Moon*

West, after sunset

East, after sunset

Look West South West for Mars & Saturn

New Moon

Saturn's moons

M 81 and M 82

M 52

M 13 and M 92

M 3

M 57


NGC 7000 North American Nebula

NGC 6960 Veil Nebula

M 31 Andromeda Galaxy
  will be low in the sky until after midnight


Detailed Pluto Finder ( below M 25)

Finally, thanks to Forrest Locke of the Sierra StarGazers, we have an edited list of more stuff to observe that you might want to print out.

Obviously there's tons more easy objects to show.  These are just a few.  Happy observing!

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