SFAA Messier Marathon was held Saturday, April 2-3, 2011

Check the weather and visibility conditions on Mt. Tam with the Mt. Tamalpias Clear Sky Chart
an aerial view of our Rock Springs site.

chart of the virgo cluster

                                                                The Famous Virgo Cluster

Hello SFAAer's.
Yes, once again Charles Messier  made his apparition on Mt. Tam for the Marathon!    

Some photos can be found on our SFAA facebook page.
The Conditions are:

There must be no perception of camping at the Rock Springs Parking area. 
Only telescopes, equipment, stools and observing chairs are permitted on the ground. 
No cots or bedding.  Should you need to rest please, do so in your vehicle.
Only current dues paying SFAA members are allowed.  Not a member? Want to Join?
A 1:1 ratio is required for children; and they must be accompanied by their parent.

Our new Superintendent of Mt. Tamalpias State Park is  Ryen Goering, and wast our point of contact.

Make sure your current/dues paid 2011 California State Park SUP permit placards are always placed visible on the dash of your vehicle. 
If you need it updated or don't have one, be sure to see Sue Ellen, Angie Trager or a Board Member at Large.

Please arrive well before sunset, so you'll be ready,  
relaxed, set up and not disturbing other fellow M object hunters with your headlights.

Here's hoping you'll be able to say like the plaque on the Dobsonian telescope Edelweiss,
at Hume Observatory in Santa Rosa "I seen M all"

Here are some Peninsula Astronomical Socierty  (PAS) tips on your first Messier Marathon.

Part of my Messier Marathon Madness article in the June '03 issue of Above the Fog

From the Hawaiian Astronomical Society, here's Jay Wrathall's Messier Objects list.
Some great finder charts from Stephen Tonkin.

I attended and volunteered at the AstroCon, back in 2004.  That's where I met Don Machholz at his Messier Marathon Lunch Talk.
This year, Don will be doing his personal Messier Marathon in his backyard in the Sierra foothills.

Here are two charts scanned from his lecture.  Sorry for the poor reproduction, but you'll get the idea.
The first chart  is suggested dates.  The second is his preferred search sequence.

There is more information on the SEDS 2011 Marathon page.

See you in the dark,


Updated April 18, 2011